At Stoke-On-Trent Computers you are assured of the best service around when your computer needs fixing. We're aware that there is nothing worse for a business than being a computer down in this day and age, the same very much applies to computers in a residential setting. If you have a broken computer in your household or business how long would you expect to wait for it to be fixed? A fortnight, a month, longer?

Stoke-On-Trent Computers aim to visit you within a couple of days and will, wherever possible, fix your computer on the first visit. If it is not possible to fix your computer on that first visit (e.g. parts required) we will give you a timeframe within which we hope to be able to fix your computer. If you don't want us to do the repair then there is no obligation (except if we have travelled out of the area where we may ask for a small call-out fee, that will be discussed before we come out to you.)

We can offer a variety of services, not only to repair your computer but to speed it up and to make sure it carries on running well:

  • Computer MOT - We can remove any viruses and spyware from your computer and stop any programs starting up that you don't need starting up. This process usually results in a signifiacant speed up of all aspects of your computer.
  • Reinstall - If your computer is in a total mess then it may be easier (and therefore even cheaper) to have your computer reinstalled, for us to do this we will need to take a backup of your important files so you will need to be present to ensure that we don't miss anything. For a Mac you need to have the Mac OS DVD and the programs¬†that you want installing¬†for the reinstall (downloaded programs can be redownloaded so don't worry about them!) If you have a Windows computer then you will need the Windows CD/DVD, any "Driver Disks" that your computer came with and the Windows serial key as well as any other programs that you want installing.
  • Hardware Repairs - Most hardware can be repaired in-house but the chances are we may need to take your computer away for that. If it happens that the hardware needs replacing then replacing it can normally done at your premesis to save you being away from your computer.