Stoke-On-Trent Computers offers a comprehensive programming service for all sizes of business, custom applications are now not out of reach for the typical small business and will normally run on your existing computers. For larger organisations we can easily integrate our applications into your existing security model provided that it complies to one of the many industry standards. Please delve deeper into the Programming menu above for more information.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a 'typical' quote as there is no such thing as a 'typical' custom application.


Stoke-on-Trent Computers are famaliar with many of the technologies that have been used in the past to create an existing system as well as technologies that are currently used so we can bring any of your applications up to date. There may have been some changes in the law that were not accounted for in the original design of your system that could require changes. There are two sorts of change that we can perform:

Editing Current Sources
If you have managed to obtain the source code for your existing application then we can modify the code to allow you to have more options in your application or change built-ins to match current legislation. If you desire any more significant changes please don't hesitate to call, however for substantial changes you may find it more appropriate to have a new system built and a migration plan drawn up and implemented to ensure that the system meets you needs further into the future.

Developing addon tools
If the source code is not availible for your system then we are not legally allowed to disassemble the application, however we are able to write addon applications that interact with the same data in most cases. Whilst this may not be the best solution in terms of intergration it can be a good stepping stone towards getting a new system in place without the outlay and will get us used to working with each other.

All of our solutions and modifications come with a user manual, one days training (can be split into two half-days on request.) Full testing documentation and 3 months complimentary technical support. Additional techinal support contracts can be quoted for upon request and are highly recommended.


At Stoke-on-Trent computers we are able to write you a full bespoke system to run your business with. Unlike many other businesses we appreciate that some people may become nervous about having a custom system written for them. If you are currently running on an off-the-shelf package we can normally make any new system compatible with that package so that if you ever want to migrate back to that system (e.g. if they have implemented a feature that you need) then you can easily terminate your support contract with us.

We don't believe in locking anyone into our products and to that end if you do not already use a computer-based system we will provide you with full details of the data storage method used and it will always be an industry standard method that is used.

Having a system developed should be an involved process for any business as it's a major investment for anyone so please be prepared to spend some time with us discussing ideas and .

As always any solution is provided by default with:

  • Full user documentation
  • 1 day of on-site training
  • 3-months of technical support
  • Comprehensive testing documentation